Golden Egg Pulls 2.5" - Set of 2


This set of two brass cabinet pulls are in the shape of an egg, an elegant shape with connotations of spring and rebirth. The edges are slightly beveled. You can leave it as is or polish it to a bright finish so that it looks like gold!

  • Total assembled measurement is 1.69"W x 3.19"H x 0.67"D (43mm x 81mm x 17mm)
  • Pull measurement is 1.69"W x 2.48"H x 0.04"D (43mm x 63mm x 1mm)
  • Washer Diameter measures 1.38" (35mm).
  • Includes a set of 1.6" (40mm) soft joining pins
  • Set of 2

Item AH-0687
UPC 810989020209