Garden Plate Pull 7-7/8"


These pull plates are hand engraved with a pleasing design of a planter enjoying his garden and decorated with a set of floral pulls. We normally pair this set with a giant butterfly, but they tell an interesting story on their own as well.

  • Total assembled measurement is 3.54"W x 7.87"H x 0.63"D (90mm x 200mm x 16mm)
  • Pull measurement is 1.26"W x 2.48"H x 0.35"D (32mm x 63mm x 9mm)
  • Washer Diameter measures 1.38" (35mm).
  • Includes a set of 1.6" (40mm) soft joining pins and a set of 0.6" (15mm) nails
  • Set of 2

Item AC-0051