Flower Box Pulls 2.2" - Set of 2


These light, airy pulls are filled with Chinese flower motifs. The tab is meant to symbolize a bushel of flowers, and the round plate behind it is in the shape of the sun. It makes a beautiful addition to a cabinet or chest of drawers.

  • Total assembled measurement is 1.18"W x 1.97"H x 0.63"D (30mm x 50mm x 16mm)
  • Pull measurement is 0.91"W x 1.46"H x 0.12"D (23mm x 37mm x 3mm)
  • Washer Diameter measures 1.18" (30mm).
  • Includes a set of 1.6" (40mm) soft joining pins
  • Set of 2

Item AH-1028
UPC 810989020308